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Documentary Film Support at OPHF

Part of our mission at Old Primero Historical Foundation is to help make possible new documentary films that shed light on American history and the men and women who have contributed to the development of of American culture and life. Our interest is in preserving the history of ordinary people who served our nation during times of danger and unrest, who made a difference during times of exploration and development, and who pursued the American Dream and a better life.

To this end, a new documentary series on the American West begins with the first film by documentary film producer/director Vernon L. Williams. The Old Primero story begins in the isolated and deserted canyons of southern Colorado when many new immigrants were drawn to the frame houses, schools, churches, and community buildings and signals a new beginning for families in southern Colorado. These stories of the peopling of the American West explain much about the culture and character of the American people. OPHF is determined to bring those stories of the past to generations of new Americans now and in the future. Film is the media that can bridge the gap between the past, the present, and the future. Towards that end, OPHF is pleased to introduce Old Primero for all who want to discover the people of our past and how they have shaped our nation.

Documentary Films Forthcoming

Documentaries Recently Premiered in the Last Few Years