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    Cokedale, Colorado, 1907-1947

    A Model Company Town and the Promise of Hope and Community

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Current Projects

Dr. Williams and the Old Primero Historical Foundation of Abilene is currently engaged in a number of projects to benefit the public. All of these projects add to our knowledge of history and make that history accessible to the public worldwide. The following links will direct you to specific areas of this website that will give you details about these current projects that are underway.

Documentary Films in Progress

Historical Projects Underway

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Past Projects

Patton and Pancho: A Clash of Cultures

Patton and Pancho: A Clash of Cultures was a conference and documentary film premiere on the Mexican Revolution and the American Military Intervention in Mexico in 1916 (Wednesday, March 9, 2016–Friday, March 11, 2016)

In commemoration of the one hundred year anniversary of Pancho Villa’s attack on Columbus, New Mexico and the American military intervention into northern Mexico, the Old Primero Historical Foundation and the Journal of Military Aviation History co-sponsered a conference, Patton and Pancho: A Clash of Cultures.