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Partner with Old Primero Historical Foundation to Preserve Vital New WWII Oral History Interviews

2024 Giving Goal: $75,000

Over the past twenty-two years, military historian Dr. Vernon L. Williams, has traveled across the villages and towns in England’s East Anglia, interviewing British family members who lived among the Yanks and the Bomb Groups and the Fighter Squadrons that helped bring victory in the air war in the skies over occupied Europe. Returning to the United States, Professor Williams sought out the Americans who served as air crew, ground crew, and in other support units in the Army Air Force in World War II England. The result included hundreds of video oral history interviews that today are stored in the East Anglia Air War Project.

The next step is vital for the preservation of these priceless interview tapes. We must create digital copies of the taped interviews and produce accurate written transcripts of each interview. There is a sense of urgency for this project.

  1. In most cases, only the original tape exists for the interviews, and few digital copies have been made.
  2. It is estimated that perhaps 97% of the interviewees are now deceased and no additional or replacement interviews can be made.
  3. Each interview video recording will be captured, and two non-compressed archival digital files will be mode for each tape recording. This will ensure that two copies of the digital file will exist, one on a back up server and one for use in the production of educational products and documentary films.
  4. Each interview will be transcribed using a professional transcription house that will guarantee at least a 99% accuracy rate using an editing and auditing process during the transcription steps.

These transcriptions will be saved as Microsoft Word files and easily backed up on multiple platforms.
Consider partnering with OPHF to these valuable oral histories that will bring new light on the World War II experience for generations of Americans who are not yet born.

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