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Save Old 1952
Ladder Truck No. 1

Preserving the History of the Abilene Fire Department for Future Generations

The Old Primero Historical Foundation of Abilene is pleased to announced that the Foundation has assumed the responsibility for oversignt in the restoration of Abilene Fire Department’s 1952 Ladder Truck No. 1. In private hands for many years, the old truck saw service at Station No.1 beginning in 1952. Over the years, it served the people well. If this ladder truck could talk, it would tell the stories of Abilene firefighters who served Abilene during difficult times, saving lives and property while risking their own lives.

The restored truck will link our people back to the early days in Abilene after World War II and to the firefighters who served our community. Together with oral histories, photographs, and documents, the truck will be a teaching tool to demonstrate the value of service to generations of our children and their families.

Help us bring the Ladder Truck No. 1 back to life. Help us to save the history of the postwar Abilene Fire Department and people who served our community. Click on the link below and partner with us by making a contribution to our GoFundMe campaigin. Tell your friends and family about the restoration project. Share the links for this webpage, our Facebook page, and the GoFundMe campaign. Help bring Ladder Truck No. 1 back to the streets of Abilene and bring its stories to life.

Truck Goal Thermometer Graphic

Any funds raised over the goal will be gifted to the Abilene Fire Department for use in maintaining Old 1952 and restoration work on other historical vehicles in the Department.

When the restoration is complete, the vehicle will be gifted from the Foundation to the Abilene Fire Department. No public funds will be used for the restoration. The citizens of Abilene will bring the ladder truck back to life.